Spots Be Gone

Dryer cleaner carpets in about an hour!


Quotes I have to say I was a bit spectacle on the probability of getting the stains out of my living room carpet. Being a youth sports coach and having as may 15 players over for gatherings, I thought new carpet was my only option. I WAS WRONG, the KC Home Care crew came out and within minutes I could tell a difference! I must say they returned my carpet to like new! Thanks so much, KC Home Care, you have a repeat customer here! Quotes
Pete Warchola
Youth Sports Coach

Quotes We have used Keith several times and found him to be reliable, honest and does a great job. I highly recommend him. Quotes
Jerry Garland
House wife

Quotes I had very good service with them. my carpet was as clean as the new carpet when we moved in and it smelled clean, they are also very soft now . I give this a 10 star Quotes
melissa L
working mom with a dog