Spots Be Gone

Dryer cleaner carpets in about an hour!

 How long does it take to dry?

Approximately 1-2 hours

 Are the chemicals safe for people and animals?

Yes! And all chemicals are nontoxic and hypoallergenic

Safety data sheet available upon request

 Is there a difference between steam cleaning and dry foam?

Yes! Our motto is that your carpets will be dryer in just about an hour. This is a big deal, because over saturation of your carpet is not good, carpet is not made to be soaking wet, like you get with steam cleaning. Our chemicals are the most important because they do all the work and that's why it drys so quickly, because we are not over saturating the carpet. When you get steam cleaning they put lots of water and some chemicals in your carpet and then they suck all the chemicals and some of the water out. In our type of cleaning you put some water in the carpet and our chemicals, we do the deep scrub and then leave the chemicals in the carpet to continue cleaning even after we are gone.

 Can fingernail polish come out of carpet?

50/50 depends on age and color of carpet

 Should I scotch guard my carpet?

Putting a protection on a carpet is always a good idea!

It prevents wear and helps in aid of spot cleaning its the difference between waxing your car or not it is a preference. 

How do you figure out what an Area is?

The way we figure an area is any area (stairs not included) that is up to 200sqft

For customers who are purchasing any deal we have to offer, This would not be a combined square footage. Example: You Purchase a deal for 3 areas each area up to 200sqft. It is not combined to make the cleaning a total of 600sqft. It is separate areas each are being up to 200sqft.

Any area over 200sqft will be a cost to you of $10-30 dollars extra an area depending on the area size.

Stairs are not included in an area! Why? Because we do them by hand each stair the cost of stairs is a flat rate of $25 dollars a flight

Are stairs included as an area?

No! Stairs are not included in an area!

Why? Because we do each stair by hand! 

The cost of stairs is a flat rate of $25 dollars a flight.

I have one room that is over 200 sf. Can I count it as two areas?

No, Each area can only be up to 200sqft.

We normally just have areas around bed, dining room table, and large furniture cleaned. I do not know how many square feet this is? Would each of these rooms (DR around table, bedrm around bed) be called an "area"? 


I have what I believe is a microfiber couch and recliner. Can you clean this type of furniture?