Spots Be Gone

Dryer cleaner carpets in about an hour!

Online Deals-                                                                This doesn't apply to Angie's List Customers

If you have purchased a deal and have some questions or want to purchase a deal here are some basic answers.

1. Are stairs included in the areas?

No. We charge $25.00 for a flight of stairs up to 15 stairs, also if you have a split level so 5 and 5 or 6 and 6 this would count as one flight

2. How do you define an area?

Any carpeted surface up to 200sqft each not including stair

3.What is a service fee?

We charge a service fee due to gas prices, and our chemical prices going up.

There is a $10 dollar service fee (for mileage and gas) for every 10 miles outside of zip code 64081

(example: If you are 30 miles outside of zip code 64081 there would be a charge of $30.00 dollars)

4. Can one of my areas be an area rug?

It depends on the area rug. If it is wool, oriental, or a specialty rug then it requires a special cleaning and can NOT be included as an area, however if it is not any of the above then it can be counted as an area.

5. Do you move furniture?

 No; However you have 3 options

First option is to leave the furniture in place and we can clean around it

Second have any furniture moved and out of the way prior to our arrival

Third we can move small furniture for you at an additional charge of $5.00 an area, we still will not move (dressers, beds, anything with electronics or nicknacks on it, entertainment centers, pool table)