Spots Be Gone

Dryer cleaner carpets in about an hour!

Carpet Cleaning


1 room $69.95

2 rooms and hall  $99.95

3 rooms $109.95

4 rooms and a hall $139.95

Whole house $319.95 (includes up to 7 areas)

Deodorizer/Disinfectant $10-$30 an area depending on the area size and severity of the problem


Soil Guard $15-$25 an area


Stairs are a separate area.

We do each stair by hand with brushes sponges and towels

Price: $25.00 for a flight of stairs up to 15 stairs this does include split levels of 5 and 5 or 6 and 6

Auto Interior Cleaning

Price: $199.95

Cars and trucks

(vans/mini vans $25.00 extra fee)




Standard Sofa $89.95

Love Seat $69.95

Chair $59.95

Standard Sofa & Love seat $ 149.95

Oriental Rugs

Specialty Rugs $1.00 a sq ft

Other Services

Carpet Repair


Carpet Stretching


Flood Restorations


Wood and Tile Care




House Cleaning


Prices available upon request